Conduct programming interviews and take-home exercises on GitHub

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How it works

Set up a challenge

Connect a GitHub repository containing the programming assignment and invite the candidate, optionally setting a timebox

Candidate works on a solution

The candidate receives an e-mail with instructions on how to clone a unique Git repository that's specific to them, and starts working on the challenge, using the tools they're familiar with

Review pull requests

Once the candidate commits their solution, a pull request is opened for you and your team to review
Lives on GitHub
The challenges and the solutions reside in your GitHub repository. No need to worry about adding collaborators or creating a private repo for every candidate.
Timebox challenges to limit the time candidates can spend working on a solution. The clock starts when a candidate clones the repository.
Review interface you know
Candidates solutions result in pull requests, making it easy for you and your team to review, comment, and communicate about their work.
Any stack, any editor
Let candidates work with the tools they're most comfortable with, instead of limiting them to web-based editors.
Custom challenges
Contents of any private GitHub repository can be issued as a programming challenge.
Challenge library
Our ready-to-use programming challenges include generic, as well as language-specific, challenges for Python, TypeScript, and many more programming languages.